Friday, August 01, 2008

Packing for Yet Another Move

So here's the question, am I updating you on what our week has consisted of (sorting, packing, cleaning, packing, sorting, packing, packing) OR am I procrastinating from doing more packing? 
This morning I was saying to myself how I am so tired of this moving stuff that THIS will definitely be our last move! Then it occurred to me, we've chosen the wrong profession if we don't like moving! 

True, we plan to live in Africa for the foreseeable future, but being missionaries means that every two-four years we return on a 6-12 month furlough to come back and spend time with friends, family and supporters to explain face to face about the people we've met and experiences we've had while living and working in Africa. 

So think of us, packing, packing, packing and pray we get it done soon and have a safe, uneventful trip to our next destination, my parents' house in Indiana. 

The kids will stay with Mom and Dad while Jerry and I hit the road again for the most of the month of August, heading south this time, bound for Texas and Kansas. We look forward to sharing the story of our journey to minister through aviation in Africa with friends, churches and family, and find more members for our ministry support team, to help us complete this journey to the mission field.

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