Friday, August 15, 2008

Please Pray for our nephew!!

Our year old nephew, Dylan,  fell from a ladder onto cement on his head yesterday. Dylan has been  vomiting, and has been medivacked to where a US navy hospital ship is available to do a CT scan. His family lives in Papua New Guinea, where Jerry's sister, Gweni and our brother-in-law, John, are missionaries. Please pray for Gweni & John, they are very scared for Dylan, and of course, please pray for Dylan's healing!
We thank God for the dedicated clinic staff and doctor that stayed up all night on watch of Dylan and examined him at home. Thank you, Father, also for the pilot and plane that were available to transport Dylan and are waiting to see if they are needed further. It is for situations such as these that we are eager to get to Africa to serve the needs of missionaries and Africans there.

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