Sunday, August 03, 2008

Birthdays (already a week ago, yikes!)

This is a slideshow I put together for Izzy's 3rd birthday. I know, three whole years packed into one slideshow, how do we do it? :) Every year we will need to get longer and longer songs to go with it.
I also made one for Olivia I will work on posting too.
Quick history on the song- I wrote it shortly after Isaiah was born. I had read through the book of Isaiah before his birth, and was consumed with it. There is so much passion there I had never appreciated before. So, my wish for Isaiah was for him to be just as consumed with God as his namesake of old. I took most of the chorus from Isaiah (the prophet) and set it in tension with holding a newborn; not wanting him to grow up but still hoping he will leap up and respond to God's question: "Who will go for us?"
I recorded the song one afternoon at a friend's house (Josh) in Rose Hill, KS. He added the 2nd guitar part and did the mixing, and helped me compose the chorus. He is 1,000 times the guitar player I will ever be, so it was a treat to do this with him.
That's all- More than you wanted to know!

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