Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A blur

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The past week has gone quick. A quick rundown (by Jerry):
  • Wednesday (16): Left Portland Area. Visited Breanna's great aunt in Lebanon. Stayed with my great aunt in Medford. Attended Othello in Ashland (Bre's wish)
  • Thursday (17): Spoke at a Luncheon in a Chinese buffet. Spoke at Alliance Bible Chapel in Ashland, Oregon for a potluck. Visited my grandma's grave, and left at 10pm for San Francisco area.
  • Friday (18): 4 hours of sleep at a college friends house. Had breakfast and held him up from going to work :) Lunch 5 miles away with a friend from Papua New Guinea. Drove to Los Angeles. Dessert with another LeTourneau friend in SoCal (an ice cream parlor called PinkBerry). Spent the night with one of my cousins.
  • Saturday (19): Breakfast with my three cousins and their families and my uncle. Drove to Phoenix, AZ.
  • Sunday (20): Met with missions committee at Grace Bible Church in Sun City. Drove to El Paso. Spent the night with a LeTourneau Friend.
  • Monday (21): Drove to Dallas. Stayed with my brother in Dallas.
  • Today (22): Drove to Kansas City
  • Tomorrow (23): Drive back home in Minnesota (and to Mom, Dad, and the kids!!) 
So, we are kind of tired, and that may explain why the posting has slowed down!
We will be very happy to be home just in time to pack up!!
Here are some pics:
Breanna holding her brand new first-cousin-once-removed: Wyatt
(yes we looked up the correct term for how they are related)

Luncheon in Medford

Speaking in Ashland, Oregon (Mom's hometown)
Flowers for Grandma
Waiting for coffee in Ashland for the long drive ahead (it was opening night for Dark Knight, so there were a lot of people in line. Took forever to get a cup :)

Watching the AIM video with family

Dad's Camry has been a champ for these past 6000 miles. However, we have noticed the floor is getting soaked. I am investigating the drain hose for the evaporator. It may be getting pinched and not draining correctly. I used my birthday present (Swiss army knife) and performed an aerodynamic modification to the line to induce a low pressure at the bottom of the drain line in case air was being rammed up the drain line while driving at highway speeds and thereby blocking the drain.

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Sarah said...

Yay! You get to see your kids!

And I'm dying at the last part about the car. Such boy talk. :)