Sunday, August 26, 2007


At 2200 we pulled in to our new home in SW Minnesota. The Garmin GPS we used to navigate up with tried to get us lost a couple times, but we made it!

The house is all set to live in including food in the fridge and cabinets. John from Proclaim Aviation met us last night with a warm welcome and a quick tour of the house.

Our friends Dave and Jennifer drove up with us with their two daughters.
We will unpack today. It should be a quick chore with all the helping hands we will have!
Oh, BTW... my work will be about 100 ft from the front door. Not to bad!
Olivia studies a much thinner phone book

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Goodbye yellow brick road

The house is empty, the floors shiny, the walls are bare. The U-haul is 2/3 full, and we are all exhausted.
Tomorrow we will run to Goodwill, the doctor, and the dump, then turn north. 8.5 hours should bring us to Worthington. The guys at Proclaim Aviation are all set to meet us, and the house should be ready for us to crash.
I am sure there is a flurry of emotions. Yesterday was my last day at Cessna. It took all afternoon to say goodbye. Today the house slowly emptied. But I am too tired to really care.
When it hits me I will have more to say.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Safari Send-off Party - August 22

Our last hurrah in Wichita will be a farewell party for the kids. A friend is hosting it for us on August 22nd. We are going to decorate cookies, play games, and If you are interested in coming, or would like to help out, please contact us (scroll down and click on "view my complete profile").

Today was our commissioning service. It had a larger effect on me than I thought it would. The realization that today starts a new era for us hit home. It was great to have AIM reps Dale and Suzanne and my friend Rob as well as my mom and dad there to be with us! It was a good time, and the kids did well (despite Grace's concern she would have to go into the baptismal!)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Commissioning service - August 12

August 12th, Eastside Community Church:
9 am & 11am
We are going to share with our home church about where we have been and what are going to be doing. It will be a chance for us to leave for Minnesota with our church's support and prayer.

All are welcome! A map is here.

The countdown is on!

To my immediate right you will notice the number of days until we move~ and the number is getting smaller. I remember last winter seeing 149. Time has flown since then.
I will post up and coming dates for us. We want to touch base with everyone before we leave, but we alas we are also bound by the constraints of time and space. So, until we can find our pause button, we will catch up with as many friends as we can. We will miss our friends here ... and we remember the sting of goodbyes.