Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Departure Date Slight Change

We've been informed our orientation dates in Africa got pushed back, so our departure date is moved as well, from January 9 to January 16...that is our target, but is still dependent on financial support commitments. As you can see on the right (on our "way cool" air speed indicator graphic), our support has climbed to nearly 60%.  That number does not represent any new commitments because we have quite a few people to follow up with still from our summer-full of multi-state travels.

But the fact remains, we will not be allowed to depart on our January target date if we don't have 90% commitment by December 16! Please pray to that end. Let us know if you are interested in helping financially, and we'll get you all the info. you desire!

Below is a recent photo of us in Texas, but sadly, no cute kids since ours are with Breanna's parents in Indiana now. We are counting down the days 'til we see them!!

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