Sunday, August 03, 2008

Pray Sunday's The Day

We thought we would pull out of our home here in Minnesota, Indiana bound, on Thursday, then we thought Friday. Friday, we thought, Saturday will surely be the day. Now we're saying Sunday. The U-haul's in the driveway and the bedding is packed away and the fridge cleaned out, so it would be difficult to stall any longer :) It's not that we don't want to get to my folks house and see them before our next road trip, it's just so hard to pack up a whole household...and sort where every little thing will be needed (or not)...there are a plethora of piles: "treasures" to give away, to Africa, to Africa by way of Indiana and North Carolina, treasures to store at Mom and Dad's, summer clothes for Kansas/Texas road trip, fall clothes for North Carolina, winter clothes for the limbo period after training in North Carolina and before flight to Kenya in January. It's hard to just keep all the places, seasons and plans straight let alone what we'll need then  and there.
It seems all that can go wrong is trying to discourage us. I decided to introduce our Land Cruiser to a cement pole in a parking lot, the bumper really liked the idea and got a little TOO close. Now we have matching dents in the back AND the front. Our power steering went out along with the stereo! And the trailer wiring, too. Oh yeah, the oil needs to be changed before we leave. 
 The stress of the move has heightened my clinical depression to a near difficult to function level(My depression, for the past three years is usually undetectable with my daily medication, which I consider a real God-send and tremendous blessing!)). Today I felt like I did a whole lot of despairing, longing for bed, a shoulder to cry, wringing my hands and not a lot of forward, please PRAY for us that Sunday is THE day.

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