Sunday, August 10, 2008

On The Road Again

The kids are having a blast with Grandma, Granpa & Tia in Indiana (Today they're at the State Fair!) Whilst Jerry and I are on the road again. This time the bulk of our three week support raising trip will be in Texas and Kansas, although we did see some friends on the way down in Missouri and Arkansas. 

Right now I'm writing from an Auto Zone parking lot in Poteau, Oklahoma because the serpentine belt went out and got to try out our cell company's road side assistance service. It worked great in getting us towed here. Times like these I am so glad my husband is talented in so many ways and one of those is as an auto mechanic. :) I don't dare ask him when he expects to be done, but we do have a hotel reservation in east Texas tonight, our old stomping grounds when we were at LeTourneau University....

so if you are in the area and haven't heard from us yet, please do e-mail. With the close proximity of the end of our last trip, the kids' birthday festivities, and packing up and moving from our house in Minnesota, we didn't get all the correspondence done we had intended to, in order to let people know we're on our way!

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