Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dylan's all right!

Dylan the Miracle Boy! From Gweni, his mom, Jerry's sister:
"THANK YOU for your prayers for Dylan!
God had mercy on us! 
Dr. Jeff said the throwing up was a clear sign of brain swelling, and the Neurosurgeon in Townsville, Australia agreed with him.  I'm glad our doctor didn't let on how serious he thought it was, during my night of hysteria, because I had
 enough fears of my own!  Anyway, sometime between 10 pm Thursday night, and the CT scan at 1 pm the next day, God healed Dylan's brain!!  Just incredible.  I can't help but think that there was a Divine reason the scan was delayed until after lunch.  If a scan in the morning had shown any
 sign of brain swelling, Dylan and I would have been on the King Air to Townsville for surgery.  We are rejoicing every day in our amazing God and in our little guy.
Gweni, John, Sierra and Dylan"
Praise the Lord, the CT scan of our nephew on the navy hospital ship near Papua New Guinea showed there was no damage from his fall! Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers!!!
The following are excerpts from his parents' emails with the good news:

I didn't want to go into great length tonight (I will let you all know more about the amazing events of the day later), but here are the highlights:
  • The weather usually keeps our mission planes from taking off in the early morning, but this morning there was a small break in the clouds above the end of the airstrip, so Dylan, Dr. Jeff, the pilot, and myself were airborne by 7 am.  It was very difficult saying goodbye to John and Sierra.
  • A Navy Sea Hawk helicopter met us at the airport in Port Moresby, and got us to the USNS Mercy ship very quickly
  •  just before 1 pm he fell into a very deep sleep!  So I asked the CT Scan Technician if we could try to scan him without anesthesia.  He wasn't sure about it at first, but did agree.  And Dylan slept through the scan, keeping perfectly still!  He only slept another 30 minutes past that time, then was awake again until our plane trip home.  Praise the Lord he didn't have to be anesthetized, which meant no IV drip in his arm, and no long recovery time afterwards!
  • Then we waited another hour until the ship's pediatrician came to tell us the CT scan showed everything was perfectly normal!  What a wonderful peace that prononcement brought.
  • We were able to take a shuttle (a whale boat) from the ship to the shore, where a car was waiting for us, to drive us to our mission's hangar.  It was late in the day, but the weather was still good in Ukarumpa.  So our pilot, Bruce  (who had been with us the whole day), was able to fly us home this afternoon!  We arrived at Ukarumpa around 5:30 pm.   I am so glad we didn't have to overnight in Moresby, and that our little family could be reunited so quickly.

  • Please keep praying for us:
    • We are emotionally wiped out.
    • None of the four of us have had much sleep.  Many others had very little to no sleep on our behalf - Dr. Jeff who was with us through the night then all day for the medivac and scan, three nurses who watched Dylan around the clock last night, Ron who spent most of the night on the phone trying to get us on board the Mercy ship, Thomas the Clinic van driver who was awake and on-call the whole night, our dear friend Beth who stayed by our side for much of the night and helped me pack, and Mark and Lynn  who worked to get our passports released in Moresby in case I had to fly to Australia (and I know I must be leaving out others).  Please pray for everyone's physical rest.
    • Dylan's sleeping habits were already "light" before this.  Pray that he can sleep deeply, and that the pain in his head won't keep him awake.
    • Pray that he will not start vomiting again (I am on emotional tenderhooks about this!) -- according to our doctor, and to the neurosurgeon he consulted in Australia, Dylan's chronic vomiting was an indication of his brain swelling.  But God preformed a miracle.  And by the time the CT scan was done, there was no swelling to be seen!  Our doctor keeps reaffirming that Dylan's recovery from such a terrible fall is a complete miracle.  Other than the scrape on top of his head, along his cheek and chin, he is doing great!  He didn't even need stitches!
    I will write more later.
    Thanks for standing with us in this!  Words cannot express what your emails have meant to us!
    Gweni (for John and the babes)

     Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 3:23 PM
    Subject: Answered Prayer

    It's 3:30 pm, and I was finally getting a bit of sleep when Gweni called.  She said the CT scan was completely clear.  They were looking for swelling, bruising or bleeding in the brain, but Praise the Lord, there was none.  The pilot and doctor (who had a fun day on the ship) and Gweni and Dylan are trying to get back to Ukarumpa before dark so they don't have to spend the night in Port Moresby-possibly the shortest medevac ever! 
    Thanks you all for your prayers, Gweni will probably write more later, undoubtedly with pictures!  God is good!

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