Monday, April 06, 2009

My first week

I spent my first week in the hangar last week. What a week to start. I worked with the turbine fleet crew, and there were all three Cessna Caravans and the DC-3 in for work. I helped with a phase inspection on the Caravan based up north near Sudan. I also helped out a bit with an interior upgrade for the venerable DC-3. Working on the cockpit door requires a small uphill hike everytime I have to retrieve another tool.

Overall, I was very excited to finally start in the hangar. The mechanics are great to work with and when we have a spare minute, great to talk to. The piston engine guru, everyone calls mzee (mzeh - a term of respect for an expert and older person), preaches at a church in his hometown several hours east from Nairobi. He leaves every weekend Saturday morning and gets back Monday early morning. He wants to eventually preach full time and hopes to train another younger engine guru.

The other exciting news was one of the aircraft was gone all week in an undisclosed location. It marks the beginning of a new ministry in a difficult area, and is exciting to think that we are supporting the reach of God's love in a difficult area.


Dad/Grandpa Hurd said...

Congratulations on your first week in the hangar!

Congratulations too on Gracies 7th birthday, on the 7th, which is "today" your time, of course!

Grandpa said...

Woops, I mispoke, its Gracie's 6th birthday! Happy birthday Grace!

Nathan V. said...

Kisim planti piksa na salim i kam! Mi laikim tumas, ia!