Friday, April 17, 2009

Recent Prayer Needs and Praises

Praise God with us, that Jerry and his carpooling co-workers are all safe and sound when our car was struck by a bus yesterday!!! We do have a sizable dent in the right back passenger door and panel and will need bodywork done on it, however.

Please pray our shipment coming on a cargo ship from New York to Mombasa, Kenya, carrying our homeschool materials for the next two years, Jerry's tools and toolboxes, our pots and pans and other household items (and those of lots of other missionaries!) will make it here safely and not be captured or delayed by pirates wreaking havoc off the Somali coast. this if you think pirates arrrgh only on the big screen these days!

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Oh dear. I hadn't thought about pirates and you guys....

With you guys being out of the country you wouldn't know that the other attack on the Alabama? was the only thing on the news during that whole time frame.

Its crazy what is going on these days!