Thursday, April 09, 2009

Kurungu-our up-country stay- in pictures

Isaiah pointing out common Kurungu scenery- camels!
The incredible house we were privileged to stay in, built by missionaries, Walter & Monica, who are Rick & Carrie's ministry partners and on home assignment right now. It was built as four mud huts connected by halls, with cooling thatch roof.
Samburu woman in Kurungu
Riding on top of the Land Rover to Andrea's house
Wild hair in the wind when riding on top of the Land Rover
Children tending goats
Grace & Stephanie (youngest daughter ofRick & Carrie, our hosts and missionaries working in Kurungu)
Isaiah and Breanna look at the kids (baby goats) in the pen designed to keep them safe from predators
at Andrea's Manyata for chai, looking up at Jerry on top of the Land Rover
Andrea, his wife, and their youngest son,
Isaiah thoroughly enjoying his chai made over a cook fire with camel's milk inside Andrea's home (on their sleeping mat)
One of Andrea's four sons
Our new friends and us (giants!!) in front of their home
View from Andrea's
Stephanie, Grace & Isaiah play outside at dusk
Married Samburu women wear their beads, accumulated their whole lives, constantly

Taking in the scenery from the Kurungu airstrip
Playing "airplane" on the airstrip in Kurungu

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