Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Flight to Kurungu

On Friday, March 6, we left for our up country visit to Kurungu, Kenya. The trip was part of our orientation to Africa and a chance for us to see what life is like living outside of Nairobi. It was a chance to see how our role with AIM-AIR fits into working in an upcountry location.
Note: This was also the second time for the kids and Breanna to cross the equator, and the first time for all of us to do it in a light airplane.
Taxiing out at Wilson Airport
One of the poorer neighborhoods in Nairobi
Just in case
Crocheting with strips of grocery bags
Flying over the Aberdare Mountains
Enroute the HF radio wasn't getting through to base for a position report, so the next option? Texting in the location with a cell phone

Sitting in the passenger seat... for now
Typical neighboorhood in the middle of nowhere.

The fences around each housing group are thorn branches tied together
Nearing Kurungu

On the ground in Kurungu

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