Thursday, April 09, 2009

Our Home in Nairobi

Our living room with furniture we had a fundi (craftsman)make for us.Grace at work in our "classroom", which is a servant's quarters behind the house

Our "fierce" puppy, Kilimanjaro, standing guard while the kids work in the servant's quarter classroom. Utility sink and washing machine on the right.
View out our bedroom window at sunset
Front of the house
Looking out from front door to our gate and avocado tree
Backyard, kids playing boats in the gutter :) Those black circles at the back of the yard are underground tanks that hold water we can draw from when the city water is off (which it usually is!) See the banana tree?
Isaiah playing by the front door gate
Many keys to our "fortress"
In case of emergency, or funny noise in the night, we can turn on exterior lights and alarm or just lights

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