Wednesday, March 04, 2009

How we know we are in Kenya

We know we must be in Kenya when:

1. You get shocked when you play the electric guitar (barefoot)
2. The conductor on a matatu fixes the van while it continues to coast down the highway
3. The bathwater turns brown immediately after you get in
4. When the city water is ON it is a complete surprise
5. Grace wants to sing along with the tune of the "call to prayer" amplified from the mosque
6. Taxi driver pretends to drive with his hands (while he really IS driving) to ask us, using charades, if we want a ride.
7. You learn that jaywalking through half crazed traffic is the preferred way across a highway because of the crap people leave on the pedestrian overpass (literally)
8. You have more keys to the house than square feet of lawn.
9. The neighborhood duka (shop) owner interrogates you if you don't buy your daily milk from his shop.
10. We can watch movies on DVD, before we watch them in the theater.
11. Music never sounded so good, fruit never tasted sweeter, and people never welcomed us so warmly.

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