Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Boy Is Back!!

Praise God, we are ALL home from the hospital!! While trying to figure out how to pay our bill (well, when the insurance pays it), I heard the SWEETEST sounds! Isaiah was giggling, laughing, playing, talking with his sisters! I even had to shush them and remind them there were sick kids in the pediatric ward sleeping. We came home with a bag full of half a dozen medicines he will still need to take and we will likely bribe him with chocolate to take said medicines because he is so tired of all the medicines he's been taking (for ten days straight- it's been something or other for an amoeba, malaria, nausea, fever reducing, etc....!!) It's so scary to suddenly lose your child...when they are suddenly NOT themselves and you know something is very wrong. We praise and thank God it wasn't a permanent loss!! Thank you for your prayers.

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Josh Hopping said...

Praise the Lord!!... I don't know what else to say but glory be to the God Most High for surrounding Isaiah and everyone else... May He continue to watch over all of you.