Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Communication ... between Breanna and me

Today, while fighting our way through Nairobi traffic and talking over the road noise...
Jerry: “Loren really encouraged me to consider taking out a loan...”
Breanna: “What! He encouraged you to consider using calogne? Didn’t you tell him you were trying to blend in.”

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the Waddells said...

Greetings from WA..thanks kids for the laugh. We know it must not always be easy during this time..but just keep the faith going and find humor when you can. On our way to church this a.m. we drove by our neighborhood Lutheran church (remember Bre where that is?); it had on its sign board the following: "Hang in there folks, just remember Moses was a basket case once too...and he turned out fine." Love/prayers to you from Loren and Dorothy