Friday, November 14, 2008

This is it ... the month that counts

Orientation is over (Yay! \o/ ) . I finished at the head of my class (the fact I was the only student is beside the point, right?) We moved in with Breanna's parents (many thanks to them!) and are gearing up for the home stretch.

Our outgoing funds are the biggest item left to tackle. I want to invite every one of you to send us your ideas in an e-mail for how you may be able to help out! We want to post these ideas as they come in.

We have only one month left before all the support is due. By posting ideas from our support team all over the world it will encourage all of us as God's family comes together in the face of a seemingly impossible goal.

By December 10 we need to be at 100% for both our outgoing expenses and our monthly pledges. On our drive up to Indiana yesterday I worked on the spreadsheet to find out exactly where we are. Here is what I discovered:

Our monthly pledges are at 78%. Thank you so much to those of you who have committed yourselves to be a part of our team! This leaves about $1000 / month in commitments we need.

Our outgoing funds are at 33%. Much of the funds have been used for our preparation and training up to this point. What is left is the cost of travel and shipping, our orientation in Africa, and our first few months of living expenses when we get over there. This totals to $18,730.15 that needs to be raised by next month.

Thanks so much for being a part of our family's God adventure! It is humbling to be surrounded by many many generous families and churches. Above all, we trust God completely with this situation. He has brought us so far, and we are excited to see how He carries us further!

Asante Sana,

The Hurds

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