Friday, November 14, 2008

concerning support,

Breanna and I serve as "faith missionaries." In short, that means we work as volunteers under the banner and authority of Africa Inland Mission, but without a salary from them. Our financial needs are met by the generous contributions given every month from individuals, families, and churches. These partners make up our Monthly Support Team and each pledge a specific amount that is counted towards our anticipated monthly budget. Understandably, the actual amount they may be able to give varies from month to month. This is the faith aspect to the model. We are trusting God to provide what we need when it is needed.
This provision usually shows up as gifts given in addition to someone's monthly pledge or as special gifts which may be from individuals who are not even members of our Monthly Support Team.

As missionaries, we are servants of those who cannot "afford" us. Our goal is not financial success, but instead the completion of God's work that exists inside an epic that spans eternity. In order to not be a burden on those whom we serve, we rely on our friends and family in faith to "send us out" and serve as our Monthly Support Team.
A practical example that explains this: African pastors and missionaries that need a flight to the remote areas we serve are better able to afford the cost of the flight because our salary is not part of the operating cost of the airplane. 
This approach is not new. Even in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, God demonstrates the model of support for those doing God's work full time.

All support must be given to Africa Inland Mission with a separate note included specifying it is for our ministry. This allows the money to be considered tax deductible. There are several different ways that you may send support. Read more here...

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