Friday, November 21, 2008

Nairobi Airlift (or getting the Hurds to Africa)

November is trucking along ... way too fast!
I was encouraged to hear from some friends in Minnesota saying they want to help out with the outgoing expenses sometime in the near future.
I also received this in our inbox from our pastor in Wichita and wanted to share it with everyone. It is a big encouragement:
(The picture is Dennis and his wife Cathy, with Grace and a one day old Isaiah)

To those who are prayerfully, carefully, financially, and compassionately supporting Jerry and Breanna Hurd:
I have had the privilege of knowing Jerry and Breanna for the last several years. I have watched them grow, develop, and go through some very important, and sometimes difficult steps of maturity and transformation. I will tell you as I have told them: “I am very proud of them and the ways they have humbled themselves, answered God’s call of ministry on their lives, and paid the price of preparation for the mission field.” And, now it is time for them to launch and labor in the field of God’s choosing. God has prepared them, and they have done much to prepare themselves.
I wanted to share this with those of you who have committed to be a part of their Support Team and ask you to join me in assisting them to “get this mission off the ground” - I had to use a flying illustration... The Hurds need our help, prayers, and “Team Support” now in this final blitz as they complete their fund raising efforts and pack their bags for Kenya. Will you help me help them?

I am telling many friends, and I am encouraging the Eastside Family to prayerfully and financially support the Hurd family in several ways. Some are choosing to “adopt” them for Christmas and send monthly support. Some are planning to help with launch expenses as a Christ Birthday offering. Some will be devoted prayer warriors on their behalf.

I want to invite you to join me as we do all we can to identify a few more partners for them who will be added to this Support Team. Will you help? I hope you will also do all you can to identify this last amount of support they need.

Thanks for reading and responding to God’s leadership in your life and in the life of the Hurd family.

God’s best to each of you!

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