Friday, November 28, 2008

"All you care about is getting to Africa!"
Ouch, the outburst was something I needed to hear. It had been simmering all afternoon.
Deep inside I knew I was guilty.
"No, no honey. I care more about you. Always have."
Whoops ... answered too easily. Did I mean it or was it just talk? The past two weeks I have been eating, breathing ... whatever we need to do to get ready. I am not a workaholic by nature (I can hear those giggles from the white phenolic desks at Cessna as I type that). But this is different: I can throw myself into this ministry. I love communicating electronically, I love the idea of who we are serving, and I do kind of like airplanes. Just a wee little bit.
So this holiday weekend I am hoping to be around family and let this big push to Dec 10 rest for awhile.
You know what? I think God likes to wait until we are drained and fallen into a period of rest. Then He moves... no, I don't think that's it. He speaks, whispers, even, or perhaps just breathes, and everything comes into place.

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