Friday, July 04, 2008

Ogden to Walla Walla

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We actually slept in this morning. I had calculated the wrong departure time to be able to meet a friend of ours in Nampa for Lunch. So, while the extra sleep was wonderful after the long drive through the night, Breanna had to make several phone calls and sheepishly explain we were off of our planned ETA's!
We arrived in Nampa, ID at 2:30 and had a great time with our friend Tony from LeTourneau. We also met his fiancee, Janat.
Here would be a picture of them, except we forgot to pack a mini-usb cable to dump our pictures from the camera onto the computer!
We are now in Walla Walla, WA. That's a lot of w's and a's. We are staying with some friends overnight.
News from the home front indicates the little people are less restless and things are feeling more like normal.
On the phone, Grace whimpered, with a bluesy tone, "Dad, I miss you sooo much ..." Then two minutes later she asked, "Can I go watch the rest of my movie now."

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Tony said...

It was great to see you guys and glad that once again I happened to be on the route to where you guys are going! :)

Hope Janat and I didn't hold you guys too long in Idaho and you weren't too late getting to Walla Walla. Hope the rest of your trip goes well!