Saturday, July 05, 2008

Walla Walla to Sunnyside

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Much shorter drive today. I spent the time working on sending out our electronic newsletter, while Breanna drove.
When we first arrived in town she said she didn't recognize anything. This was the last place she lived before moving to Costa Rica. I was beginning to wonder if she was the native Sunnysidian I imagined her to be. Then we passed Skipper's and everything was familiar.
We plan on going with Sarah, Breanna's childhood friend, to see fireworks tonight. Breanna keeps looking for a newspaper to read about the events tonight, but I think she just wants to look at our picture that Sarah told her about.
We will call people and hope to meet with them tomorrow.
Along our trip so far, everyone has been very interested in our future involvement in Africa. It is always exciting to share our vision and see people respond.
This Sunday I will be speaking at Sunnyside Church of God.


Kristin said...

Hi, Guys!

Glad to hear your trip is going well so far. I stopped at your house yesterday morning to check on everyone. Seemed to be going fine when I was there. Grammy was a delight to meet, and I think she felt comfortable, too. We couldn't stay long, so we'll try to stop in for a longer visit soon. We're praying for all of you!


Lori said...

Hey Jerry and Breann!

So glad your trip is going well. I love getting your electronic newsletter to keep up on your journeys. We're praying for you and the kids at home with Grandma. Press on and hope to see you when we are all in Wgtn at the same time... before January 9, 2009!

Much love,
Lori Lanphere