Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Day, Here we go!

Friday was Jerry's last day at the hangar.

Today Jerry's on the second leg of the drive from Dallas, TX. to here with his mom, Phyllis, who will bravely watch our three kids, while we drive and visit the west coast for three weeks, catching up with friends and family and sharing about our journey to the mission field in Africa and how we will get there!

We will REALLY miss the kids. And as we learned from our January trip for the TE, we will miss them more than they will miss us (Grandparents are just a whole lot of fun!!) So please pray for us,
and Isaiah

especially at night when their absence will be felt most! (he, he!! Jerry will not be happy I posted this. He rolls his eyes at my love of pictures of him and the kids sleeping)

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Sarah said...

These pictures are great!!!