Monday, June 09, 2008

Faith Lessons from a Five Year-Old

Over Memorial Day weekend, we visited friends from Wichita, meeting part way in Omaha. I (Breanna) took the girls to a small water park while the guys went to the Strategic Air Command museum.

Olivia and her friends, Abbey & Madelaine, that were closer to her age, went down the water slides all afternoon. After coaxing Grace to go down the shorter “mild” slide on my lap, she exclaimed, “I though that was the end of my life!” So I took her to the kiddy pool area, with a toddler-size butterfly slide. She stopped at the top, and I thought she said, “first I want to play.” So I turned around to look for other things to do in the kiddy area, but heard Grace talking, but not to me. She said, “Dear God thank you for today and help me to be brave and go down the butterfly slide, amen.” Then without a moment’s hesitation, she went down the slide.  

Ever since, she’s been a true model of “praying without ceasing”. She prayed her computer game would load on the computer. She prayed her friend Brit’s kite would fly. She prayed that Jerry would be able to drive the lawn mower out of the mud it was stuck in. 

We chuckle at the things she prays about, but shouldn't. She's teaching us a great lesson about praying no matter what the issue, or how important it may seem to others. 

Even so, we couldn't help a chuckle when she prayed that we wouldn't die in Africa (after we'd watched a movie in which a boy in Africa dies from a snake bite)

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