Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Gearing Up

Our LAST yard sale is over. Yes, I mean it this time. It took a week of sorting, hauling, pricing, setting up and then slowly turning lobster red sitting outside praying for customers to come by. Profit-wise, it was mostly a flop, but it did get us to sort and pare down the belongings we toted here from Kansas. 

We're now ready to PACK for AFRICA!!! Why are we packing already? Because the 7 months remaining before we leave for Kenya on January 9 will be busy. Here are our tentative plans:

June: Jerry finishes his last month working as an aircraft mechanic with Proclaim Aviation. We'll compose and send a newsletter to update you on what we've been doing and where we're going. We'll plan upcoming fundraising trips, because filling our outgoing and monthly support funds is all that remains to get us to the mission field! Please e-mail us if you, your church, small group desire a vist & want to hear about our journey to Africa: (for our e-mail, see this link)

July: Jerry & Breanna travel to the west coast to raise support. Jerry's mom has graciously agreed to come here from Texas and stay with the kids the entire month. We'll be back to celebrate Olivia's 10th and Isaiah's 3rd birthdays at the end of the month.

August: Jerry & Breanna will travel to Kansas and Texas to raise support. The kids will stay with Breanna's parents and younger sister in Indiana.

September-November: Two weeks much anticipated family vacation, a breath before the plunge. Then 10 weeks of flight training in the science of being a safe bush pilot in North Carolina.

Thanksgiving and Christmas with family along with lots of packing and good-byes.

January 9: Fly out of New York for Nairobi, Kenya in east Africa!!!!

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Kristin said...

Whew! Where has this year gone? We've enjoyed getting to know you, and now you're leaving! We will miss you all very much, but our prayers go with you and we can't wait to see God work through you all.