Monday, November 26, 2007

Painstaking Family Photo

Grace: "If we took our picture inside, maybe I would cooperate."

I (Breanna) had a great idea for our annual family Christmas photo. Since we are currently living in the land of however many lakes...why not a picture with our lake in the background? Jerry grumbled that I would require him to not wear his coat (even thought he had on a long sweater), and the kids, especially Grace whined about the cold wind. I didn't think it was too much to ask to withstand the cold for a few minutes for art... and posterity...a photo lasts forever! I was wrong and have since been labeled the enemy of family warmth and comfort. Occupational hazard of the memory keeping, scrap booking mom determined to attain just one great family photo a year! Any one else out there feel my pain?!
Here are some examples of this seemingly never ending process to capture 2 chubby adults looking somewhat lean and three kids all smiling, eyes open and looking in the same general direction.

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Jeremy and Steph said...

So, you actually believe that you can have a picture with all 5 of you looking at the camera, and looking good? I gave that up after Ezra was born, and you have 3 children!! Wow. You never mentioned if you actually got the shot...if so, what is the secret? I have tried funny noises, bribery, spankings...(for the kids, of course)