Thursday, December 27, 2007

Here We Go!

Tomorrow afternoon we'll leave home...and will be gone a whole month. For a family of five, that means lots to pack and plan for! Entertainment for the road, winter gear, diapers, home school books and supplies, clothes, snacks, camera, cat, litter box, cat food, gps, and lots more!! We'll spend two weeks in Tennessee with Jerry doing a lot of flying and studying getting ready for the T.E. (Technical Evaluation....yes the one we keep talking about and have been preparing for a looooong time, or so it seems, the one Jerry must pass so our acceptance with AIM-AIR - at least with Jerry as a pilot/mechanic- can become official official...ready to fly to Kenya official!)
...then the kids look forward to the next ten days being spoiled rotten by Grandmaita & Grandpa Sellers at their home in Indiana while Jerry faces the ten day evaluation in North Carolina. Breanna will tag along as moral support.

We crave your fervent prayers for this time!! We know God is in control, and will trust...but need the holy spirit's calming of our sometimes fraying nerves. We'll try and keep you updated here as much as possible (assuming we have internet connections where we'll be staying, don't about that yet!) Please pray the kids travel well and handle separation well(maybe we should be praying for Breanna, here!) They don't spend this much time apart from us normally :)

Since we don't yet have trip are some from our awesome Christmas together here in Minnesota.

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