Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tail wheels, transitions, tests

The counter on the right has changed. The number jumped by 48 days. But I am getting ahead of myself.
Last week I enjoyed the hospitality of Lionel and Sarah Smith at Dove Airstrip. I received my tailwheel training from Monday to Wednesday AM in their Cessna 180.
Lionel has tons of instructing experience and has founded Christian Wings for the World.
His heart and passion are for training future missionary pilots. I came away rich in great tidbits and practical "tools" that will help as a pilot on the field.
Lionel even threw in two extra lessons at no charge as a way to help me prepare for my upcoming Technical Evaluation.
Speaking of which, the date has slid now to January 16. The reason is that Focus aviation training was canceled for November. January is my next shot.
The extra 48 days will be spent jamming my head full of flying and maintenance information ... and lots of prayer.
No matter how hard I study and train, I know the outcome rests in the Father's hands. He has led us this far for a reason, and God will be faithful ... no matter the outcome.

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