Monday, May 28, 2007

Moving Sale & Lots of Other Changes

Despite three rainy days, we still did pretty well on our giant moving sale. Mostly we kept everything in the garage and house. We had the generous help of our friends and supporters that worked the sale, watched our kids, lent us tables and donated LOTS of stuff!! We made nearly $500!!

Jerry decided to put a "for sale" sign in his car during the garage sale instead of fixing the air conditioning for summer. We planned to sell it before moving. He nearly drove it into the ground the last six years. It drove to and from Texas to visit me when I was finishing school there; took road trips to Canada, Mexico, and Pennsylvania, and moved Jerry to and from work across town every day. It was a good little car for us, but we've certainly outgrown it. The Celica was very popular at the moving sale and test driven three times! We finished off our sale on Saturday by selling it!! Life already seems simpler with one vehicle and much less stuff!

Olivia finally got her reading glasses and we think she looks very sophisticated!! She immediately noticed how much easier reading could be! Overnight she has become an immersed bookworm.

Isaiah spent his second night in a big boy toddler bed last night! He'll be 2 in July. He loves climbing in and out of it constantly.


Philip said...

Moving time can be... challenging. Katie and I had to fit everything we wanted into checked and hand luggage over several trips from Chicago to the UK. We kept a few things we now wonder about, and wish we'd kept a few others. Oh well...

Jono_or_Janice said...

Grr... my comment...lost in cyberspace! Let's try again.
It's been a while since I've been here. I can't say enough bad stuff about dial-up.
Anyway, good to see that you were able to make some money on your stuff. Are you going to have another garage sale to get rid of the rest of it? Was that the same Celica that you drove up here in 1996?
That's funny about Isaiah getting in and out of his toddler bed. Stephen did the same thing when we first put him in a toddler bed last summer. He would've been about the same age.
When do you guys leave?

Jerry + Breanna said...

It is crazy. You never really know what you will need. Fortunately with cheaper digital storage options, music, movies, and photos can reduced in size. We can keep the originals here.

Jerry + Breanna said...

The rest of it was given to Goodwill and World Impact's thrift store (2nd Blessings).
The Celica was the one I drove up in to your wedding in 2000. In '96 I had the great Corolla.
We leave end of August for Minnesota. You guys will be in Nigeria by then?