Friday, May 04, 2007

Airliner blocking traffic

This has nothing to do with our family, Africa, AIM-AIR, or Kansas. A friend e-mailed me the link. It made me smile, and I have to share it.
Not your every day traffic congestion. The quotes are classic! The fact that the driver abandoned his truck and now everybody is working around it - delightfully familiar.
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The Boeing 737 stuck in city road
Residents of the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) are wondering how long it will take to remove a disused Boeing 737 that has been abandoned in a busy road.
It appears that after taking a wrong turn, the driver found himself facing a flyover that was too low for him to take the plane under.
Plane stuck in Mumbai
"I've been fascinated with planes and never seen one so closely," engineering student Vamsi Shastri said. "It's huge!"
His friend Ankur Rane said, "It's fascinating to see an airplane on the roads when one is only used to seeing cars and auto rickshaws."
However, for Pradeep Malhotra, who runs a catering service in the area, the plane has become a huge problem because it is parked right in front of his shop.
"My work is suffering because the food cannot be loaded in the big vehicles," he said.
"I have to load it in the smaller vans and then carry them to the bigger ones parked at the back.
Five days on, it is still not clear who is responsible
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