Sunday, September 03, 2006

Going to bootcamp.

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The stall warning wailed, the tires chirped, and the radio crackled: “Turn right at end of runway. Contact ground.” We had landed in Colorado! The pilot, a friend and Cessna coworker, Rob Young, taxied the Cessna single engine airplane to parking.

The weekend of August 4& 5, Breanna and I enjoyed the mountains, rested, and prepared. Monday and Tuesday were long days as we attended a fund raising training conference in Denver. They call it “Boot Camp” for a reason. We listened, role-played, and formed a strategy for the next months. The preparation “home work” was rigorous, but our excitement is growing as we imagine the next three months.

We want to be prepared when we leave for Kenya. I see the conference as training for team building. We have to build a team to “go with us” since we can not do this on our own. By taking this time for training now, I am excited by how much more potential our ministry will have. In fact, I want to share what we have learned with other missionaries.

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