Saturday, September 30, 2006


At night I can hear them calling. In the morning they grab onto me as I head out the door. Stuff is everywhere! We are in the magnificently sobering task called "sorting". Most won't make the cut. The more digging in obscure places where things are, the higher the yard sale pile grows!
The release is exhilerating, and the mission ahead of us hits home. Saying goodbye to odds and ends we thought would make a home and ready to jump into the ultimate cause.

The excitement is building inside the house ... thoughts of people across Africa knowing and enjoying a God that compels us to move out of what we thought was a home.


Jono_or_Janice said...

Hey Hurds,
Just found your blog from your Skype profile. Looks like you haven't updated for a while.

Jerry + Breanna Hurd said...

Hey Jono (if that is your real name),
Sorry you are not happy with the frequency of updates. We have real jobs you know. We can't just sit around like some people and say "Oh, look at me, yah! I am blogging. I love blogging. I like to blog in my automobile, I like to blog in the sauna, I just blog, blog, blog, blog, blog."

Jono said...

Did I hit a sore spot there? Great to see some new posts up!