Tuesday, March 21, 2006

We're Going To Africa

Tonight we found ourselves gazing at an Arizona desert sunset. The mountains around us lit in waning light under a dramatic backdrop of storm clouds above. This beautiful ending to the day fit perfectly with our time here in Peoria with family, attending a mission conference at Grace Bible Church in Sun City. We spend our time with Mom and Dad Hurd, Gweni and her husband John and brand new daughter Sierra, as well as Uncle Chuck Burton and Great Aunt Clarice Mayfield. Catching up with relatives is always very interesting and we are meeting many devoted supporters of both my parents and Gweni's family.
It is moving to be reminded of how my relatives have been involved in missions, from the Navajo nation, to the mountains of Pakistan. I heard my Uncle Chuck Burton describe the work in their clinic and his deep concern and love for the Pakistani people, even though he no longer lives there.
This has been a great opportunity for us to share with our friends the news that we have been accepted to Africa Inland Mission for a short term assignment. We are planning on leaving in November, 2006 and I will be working at the AIM-AIR hangar in Nairobi, Kenya as an aircraft mechanic. We are humbled and encouraged by the support of Dale Beverly, the AIM Kansas representative, who recommended to AIM-AIR we do this, even though i do not have all the necessary experience. Since receiving my Airframe & Powerplant mechanics license at LeTourneau University, I haven't worked as a mechanic, and instead have been busy as an Electrical Engineer at Cessna Aircraft, which will also be valuable experience to have on the field. This assignment in Africa will give me the chance to get my hands dirty again and to also allow us to become acquainted with AIM-AIR and with Kenya. AIM-AIR will also have the chance to know us and observe my work while we serve there. God willing, we will return next year and be ready to take the next steps to be full-time AIM missionaries.

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