Thursday, December 02, 2010

Same room, 22.5 months later, I stare at a tiny Touchscreen, pushing fake buttons. Last time we were in this room, Isaiah pulled open the bay window curtains and yelled out his enthusiasm for the new African world before him: "Grace, they have a playground!" I wrote e-mails, snapped pictures, then sent them half way around the world. We are here!
The camera died, and the replacement is temporarily out of service... We have to shoot blind :) The MacBook motherboard died last December, and the hard disk last week, with our newsletter hours from completion.
I didn't think I would be here, having to rely on an iPhone to update the blog and send email. But the months in between the stays at Mayfield guest house were the best of my life. We became part of the tight knit family here in Kenya, we made friends, learned the crazy rules of the road, and strange rules of the air. We struggled with new languages, hosted family here for a visit, and moved to a border town.
So, even if the iPhone goes the way of the camera or laptop, I will still say, "These have been our best days. God is still our hope and
provision, and we are honored to serve him with airplanes, school books... And with or without little 3" touchscreens."
staying in touch somehow,
Jerry and Bre

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