Saturday, November 06, 2010

Coming to America

We can hardly believe January will mark the second anniversary of our arrival in Kenya!! That means it's time to visit YOU to share what God's been doing in and through us these past two years. It will be a whirlwind 4 month trip around the U.S., January 25-May 10, 2011 but we will try to see as many folks as possible! Comment or contact us if you want to meet and we will make every effort to do so!
Year One: March, 2009, Kurungu Kenya

Year Two: August, 2010, Torit, Sudan

We will be bringing necklaces made by a local Christian Turkana women's cooperative, ANA (their name is an acronym for "Stong Women" in the Turkana language.)

If you desire specific colors or designs, you may order through us before January 1. They will run about $5-$17 each and directly benefit the women. Many come with matching bracelets and earrings.


The Youngs said...

Love the necklaces! We are so excited to see you! Praying for you all daily!

The Youngs said...

Hey Bre, if possible I will buy a orange, black or brown one or more.