Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Days Ahead

Will today mark the end of a calm? Or instead quieten months of
debate and politics. Tomorrow Kenyans take a simple vote ... yes or no
on whether they agree to the proposed new constitution. A diverse
country where members of parliament, I am told, make more than US
senators, yet the minimum wage starts around $60 / month; that diverse
country will decide on the direction it needs to go and the document
to guide it.

Most of the debate exceeds my depth, but the bigger issues are the
trajectory of word changes regarding abortion, exemptions to civil
rights to allow Islamic courts to function, and ownership of land. To opponents the words have become too ambiguous and open ended.

Most people I talk to don't feel there will be significant fallout
as a result of the election. Regardless, orders from management direct us to
stock up for the long haul and have everything ready for departure.

That's good and bad for us. We leave Nairobi for good this weekend, so
we're ready for departure. What's tougher is keeping our go bags ready
as we scatter stuff throughout the house in the course of hauling and

There is uncertainty. Will the vote go peacefully? If not, the road I
drive to Loki follows a string of refugee camps for displaced people
from the election two years ago. Potential hot spots.
Breanna, the kiddos, and our stuff will follow on an airplane flight
Monday, however our flight schedule is in constant flux as we wait for
the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority to decide whether our US registered
aircraft can fly in Kenya.

The days ahead? I wish I could tell you how they will go, but I have
no idea. But I know who holds tomorrow ...

When you have a spare minute- pray for Kenya, pray for our move to
Loki, and pray the work ahead telling everyone of a second chance,
grace from failure, and freedom forever... that the work will still go

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Mark Sherman said...

Even though we have never met, I will be praying for you guys in the coming days. Ever since spending a summer as an AIM Air Volunteer, my heart has been with the work there. May God bless your ministry in the coming days.

Mark Sherman