Thursday, July 29, 2010

The forgotten sons of Dodoma

Two weekends ago I flew to Dodoma, the town of the beggar tribe, the Gogos. At least that's what the people in Dar Es Salaam might say. This was my first time to Dodoma, the third largest city in Tanzania, and 35 years ago a would be capital for the country. Dodoma lies in the center of Tanzania on a high plain with several rocky hills thrust upwards around the city.

AIM AIR rarely flies this route. Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has their Tanzanian base in Dodoma, and between them and the commercial options, our aircraft are not usually needed in that region.

As the captain, it is imperative I know the when and where, but typically on a flight I have very little idea of the why. I planned on a weekend of catching up, but instead, for two days, I raced after Andrea and Dr. James, my passengers, as Andrea gave us a tour at the heart of the city. We saw the children without fathers or mothers in the picture, for whatever reason. Abandoned by the ones who should be caring for them, I could tell not only where these kids living in the heart of Dodoma, but also that our Father's heart was living with them.

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