Tuesday, December 09, 2008

One Day Left

Wow, for a nailbiting finale, this can't be beat! Our clearance is Wednesday. We need to be at 100% by then.

You may have noticed that our monthly was at 95%. Unfortunately there were some miscounts between us and the home office in NY. We sorted them out, and found we were actually at 89%. Disheartening, but not tragic. And yes, that last sentence was a fragment, but that's how cool writers write, right? So there, Miss Lim...

The really encouraging news is people continue to mention to me they are talking to their churches, or their sunday school. A friend of mine is hoping to complete a major project at work. He is paid per project, and he wants this one to go towards helping us ... it is a sizeable amount.

All this is very invigorating to be suspended between staying and going. My faith is heightened, prayer life has increased, and my awareness of God's provision has been sharpened. I am doing cartwheels inside as I hear from our support team... I can't believe your generosity and energy on our behalf.

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