Thursday, December 11, 2008

As the dust settles, the outcome is ... all systems go!

It is Thursday and has been for the last 1.5 hours. Wednesday (our financial deadline day) will be one of my most thrilling days in a long time ... when we first put up the airspeed indicator to the right it read something like 39%. Now it is sitting at a titillating 99.45% (How funny is that ... can that be rounded up? )
As you can guess from the graphic, WE ARE GOING IN JANUARY! God really has stretched my myopic vision to see beyond what I thought was impossible... The highlight of this is that we are finally (after 5 + years) ready to hit the mission field and serve in the best way we know how! The second highlight is ALL the phone calls and e-mails I have had; many from friends I have not heard from in a while!
So what impossibilities did God overcome?
  1. About a month ago I finished my aviation orientation. The amount we needed in order to leave was an additional $18000 and this was due in a month's time.
  2. The country is in a challenging economic timeframe
  3. The online support page has not been working properly for weeks.
  4. Our e-mail system appears to be also going through some problems!
Despite these challenges of a month to accomplish the impossible, God worked and because of many of you reading this, our awesome support team, the plan to leave in January no longer has any if's left.

Obviously, we are not quite at 100% for our monthly or outgoing, but we anticipate we will be able to reach this by our departure date.

Through all of this, I hope ONE thing is brought to bear: God deserves the credit, fame, and glory for this entire time we have been preparing; especially this last month. It is to Him I am sincerely grateful.

Well, I'm going to get some sleep, and get ready to drive to Minnesota on Friday with Olivia to pick up our possessions we left there. Please pray for safety for that trip and all the travel we have ahead of us!

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Josh said...

Congratulations! God is faithful - and he likes the whole 11th hour deal. =P