Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday Isaiah and I were the first to get our vaccinations for Kenya. I got 5 shots, he got four. He was brave and got a lollipop, two styrofoam gliders and stickers for it! 4 sore arms and $800 later, we're ready to go. The rest of the herd get theirs in the coming weeks. What did we have to get to go to Africa? Yellow fever, meningitis, typhoid, hepatitis A, and updates on regular child immunizations we may have needed to get caught up on or get boosters for. Fortunately we won't have to take malaria meds in Nairobi, its altitude is high enough, but for anywhere we visit that's lower we will need to take the meds then and four weeks after returning too! Jerry will likely be on malaria meds a lot more as his flying will take him all over east and central Africa.

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