Monday, September 29, 2008

Settling in NC

Jerry "at school" doing a 100 hour inspection on a Cessna 206

Grace and Isaiah are loving their pre-school experience 3 mornings a week at MK Station on the center.

Olivia and I are also back into our "school" routine and she's doing awesome this year! Very much self-motivated and working hard. Having the littler squirts off to their school at 8 really helps us get going in the morning and get a lot done too!

Found this cute t-shirt for Isaiah ("I'm a Mama's Boy"). Couldn't resist since it's actually true! I'm sure he'll grow out of it , but I may take a wee bit of secret satisfaction in knowing I'm his comforter of choice and the one he wants to put him to bed (and the one he wants to drive!)...but Grace is definitely Daddy's girl, so he can take satisfaction in that. We do love to remind each other about these among all the other fun idiosyncrasies our three wonders possess!

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