Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have a Departure Date!!!

January 9
That's the word from Pearl River (our US AIM headquarters)
If you received our latest newsletter in print form, we had listed our departure target as December, not knowing when we'd need to leave the US to be on time and over jet lag for Africa Based Orientation. We can't wait ! When Jerry has a chance (since I don't know how) he'll change the countdown thingy (at right).
So much to do! Yikes!

Oh, and P.S. thanks for all your birthday wishes. It was great. Lots of cake & having a DATE with my fantabulous husband, what could beat that? The only thing that topped it was the Remote car starter he got me for my birthday!!!! Just what I need here in the always frozen north! Now I can start the car from inside when it's caked in a sheet of ice like this!

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Aaron said...

Awesome news, guys! I'm so excited for you.