Sunday, November 19, 2006

Genesis reflection

Rain. Dishes. Commercials. Tears. Counsel. Testimonies. Ping. Pong. Coffee. Strong. Groups. Prayer. Singing. George of the Jungle. Walks in the desert.
Memories of a beginning. Words can describe and even relate, but they can't capture. Not fully. The new bonds that were formed, mixed with the sobering reminder that our next steps are not intended to be easy or safe. They begin a journey of exhilaration, wanting to escape, wanting to resist, and belonging. These steps will also leave footprints into eternity. It's what life is about.

Tidbits learned during Candidate Week:
  • Allow enough room to see the rear tires of the car in front of you. If you have to, this gives you room to turn around.
  • Plan out everything your family needs to say goodbye to.
  • Fried corn bought roadside (if it is still hot) is OK to eat.
  • At least in Wichita, Kenyans may refer to donuts as "Police Food."
  • AIM covers ALL the bases!
  • We can look forward to having a house help.
The best part? Sharing these days with collegues -- the seasoned veterans with stories to share and others like us: on the brink of something entirely new.

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