Monday, November 13, 2006

AIM Candidate Week - Man of sorrows

Yesterday and today we had morning sessions as a large group of AIM candidates. Yesterday, this was followed by a tour of the AIM facilities. Growing up in the Wide World of Wycliffe, I was surprised and impressed by the fact that the department offices were all in the same 3 story building as our dorm rooms. All the creativity and resources I had been using and displaying were generated in a handful of office rooms down below by a handful of staff personnel. Incredible!
Today we met with a counselor to go over the results of our personality tests we had completed several weeks ago. Tests of many many questions; from the obscure, to the very personal, to the obvious. Some points of discussion were hard, even discouraging, but nothing was suprising. The conclusion is passed on to the directors to decide how we should proceed. Tiring though it was, I appreciate the thoroughness of all the preparation work we are going through.
In our morning session we were told about grieving and loss. Understanding what we will be losing as we leave for Africa. Understanding how we can prepare. Understanding that it is normal. Understanding that Jesus was aquainted with grief, and did not cover it up or hide it. Not that any of this makes it easier, it just passes quicker.

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