Thursday, April 07, 2011

Birthday Plans

Today is, of course, Grace's Birthday. She proclaimed everywhere we have stopped "I am going to be 8 on April 7!" It's a big deal, and to celebrate in America is the best part.
Breanna's sister found Grace's birthday plans on the floor of her room, and I asked Grace if I could share these on the blog:
Birthday Plans Front

Birthday Plans Back
After careful analysis, the major groups are: Cake, Place, People, Decorations, Wrapping Paper.
Cake is Tres Leches (checked), Cat Shaped (x-ed out)
Place is obvious,
People: Family (checked), Friends (x-ed out)
Decorations: Animal Plates (maybe), Floating Balloons (maybe)
Wrapping Paper: Animals (checked), Cats (maybe)
Tomorrow we hit the road again, but today we celebrate 8 years of bubbly life.
Grace told me she thought she would get in trouble for wanting so many things for her birthday. I think she handled these expectations quite well.
Birthday pictures to follow.

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