Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just the other day...

... actually, the same day, just a year ago, we were leaving Pearl River, NY. We had expected the time there to be a chance to "get to know" other missionaries all heading out to various parts in Africa. Instead, it was actually a day to get all affairs in order. As we drove to the airport in several vans, apprehension was mixed with fatigue and relief.

We arrived just before midnight on the 17th, and got to our room around 3 am on the 18th.

I am sorting through the towers of video tape we took during the last year, and will put a little montage together to share. I don't think it will be done by the 18th! :)

It's an hour until practice for our church's music team. I am also catching up on e-mail. A friend is organizing a trip from the US to offer help in Haiti (let me know if you would be interested, in can put you in touch). I wish I could lend a hand, but at the same time after a year, I understand what it means to live here, the place God has put us, or perhaps it is better to say: the place God made us for?

Finally, I thought I would share some surprises we found during this year:
1. My English is not very good (At least according to the Kenyans I work with).
2. Getting up to flying status would be such a lengthy process (thanks to the unexpected)
3. Talking on the radio feels a lot like starting over (related to number 1)
4. Kids adjusting to Nairobi life so fast (the families living nearby are a big help)
5. How much of an American I really am (just wishing things would work smoothly over here :)
6. Everybody flashes each other (ringing them on the cell phone just short enough so they don't answer - it saves money).
7. We sing a lot of hymns in church.
8. We're actually feeling cold with unseasonably cool 65 degree temps.

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