Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That's why we are here...

Today was day two of language school. After locking our two front doors and our big front steel gate, we walked with the kids to some friends where they would spend the morning. Then Bre and I rode one matatu after another to head over to the language school. One of the last stops on the way already had to two matatus there, and a big fight broke out. People were running between all three vans pounding on the roof and sidewalls. Customers were "escorted" from one van to another, while other people blocked their way.

More banging, lots of yelling, tons of people running. It was ... interesting, except that we were both in the van! Then someone from our van started punching another guy in the back who was redirecting customers.

I mentioned this at the language school, and the teacher said "Yes, matatus always fight for business."

We are in class with another new missionary friend who flew out with us from New York. Today, after almost two hours of Kiswahili immersion, we learned the negative plural form for from (as in I am from ...). It is hatutoki (hah-too-toh-ki).

Breanna muttered "That's what we are here to learn..." After I said the word to myself a few times, I caught on and I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the class!

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