Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The best of being a Dad

Grace is immersed in Heaven. Questions pour out of her constantly about what it will be like. Since I have all the answers, it is easy ... ;) She is hyper-emotional, hyper-imaginative, and I think very spiritually acute. So... it was only a matter of time before we talked about actually getting to Heaven. We had that chance at breakfast in the little cottage we were in for our Hurd family reunion.
"You have to die" she said with a giggly laugh.
"OK, but there is something else you need besides that," I replied, choosing words carefully.
She said a joke that was funny, but unfortunately forgotten.
I followed up: "You have to be perfect. That means never doing anything bad."
"What do you think, can you do that?"
With her trademark puppy dog eyes, she slowly shook her head - no.
"There is another way," I continued, still cautiously. "Remember that Jesus came to Earth and died for us? That was so He could pay the price and we could become perfect!"
"First we need to believe that He died for us, and we need to ask for Him to save us from the bad things we have done and will do."
"Do you want to pray to Him with me and ask Him?"
She turned her huge eyes on me and said "Uh-huh..."
And so we did... and Grace's venture into true freedom has begun.

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Leslie said...

Awesome! Congrats! :)