Saturday, September 08, 2007

My week as a mechanic

This week I got out of the house and into the hangar. It has been challenging, but at the end of the day, it feels good. Lucky for me, this was only a four day work week. The main focus was an annual inspection on a baron (think Beechcraft, not royalty ... we're talking aviation remember).

This week followed a weekend of attending a free festival in Sioux Falls, SD called LifeLight. Amazing what was packed into three days. On Monday we were invigorated and tired. On a side note, we have a great radio station here, called the Refuge, that plays a lot of great tunes from some talented Christian groups.

Wednesday saw me off to Scott City KANSAS ... Deja Vu I guess. It was a business trip and I became quite familiar with the airport terminal and the Wendy's in town. It was my first challenging situation as a pilot here, how to fill up six hours in a terminal building. More of Scott City to come, I'm sure.

Tomorrow is the 60th anniversary celebration of the airport. Pancakes, aircraft on display, aircraft rides, sky divers, and an aerobatic demonstration. Today we cleaned up one of the hangars and I did a familiarization flight in the Cessna 172 to get ready for the scenic flights tomorrow.

I guess no two days have been alike yet (out of four!) and I love it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Figured I'd get updated on life with you after writing yesterday and realizing I hadn't read up lately. Hope Minnesota is treating you well! Glad you made it and are getting settled in there. Wish I was in the area and could come visit!! Well, if you ever get tired of your little town and want to venture somewhere even more remote let me know and I'll hook you could make a visit to the Kleinsasser farm. Only a couple hours away from Sioux Falls. Hmm...I just realized that I have a cousin who lives in Jackson MN--that's real close to you there I think. I'm thinking their two girls would be about the ages of your two youngsters. Well...back to work. Catch ya later. ~Amber